Saturday, 24 December 2016

Why Sony, HTC or Motorola, Why not Xiaomi, Oppo or Vivo

Why Sony, Samsung or other such big brand's smartphones or mobile device are better than these low cost smartphones available from those new brands, an answer everyone should know about.

Years passed telephones became mobile phones, then smartphones, then several smart OS a few to list like muti-tasking enabled JAVA, PALM, Symbian decorated by UIQ OS, Windows OS, Blackberry, Kizen and bla bla bla... Yes, iOS too.. but thats not this blogger's kind of thing for several obvious reasons.

In this race, Google funded Android was the true winner.

The things got cruel, brands legacy started to die as FREE Android was readily available for manufacturers to install in their devices and sell them in open market as it was their OWN OS. Small manufacturers were struggling to sell their feature phones, most without even Java support since they did not have any funds for all the bulky cost of R & D for a Smart OS which was need of time.