Sunday, 8 September 2013

Should you root your android or not?

Well i was feeling free and decided to post a article to help users whether they should go with rooting or not.

Sometimes people do not root just because they think that it will void their warranty.
Some of them are feared of getting their device bricked.

Well these all are talks of old days. Now, 99% for mature  / armature rooting is safe. No chance of bricking, at least stay sure about never happening of hard bricking during rooting, it never happens these days.

and the warranty issues, in almost all cases, there are solutions to unroot your device and remove any traces that may help the vendor to detect any rooting process.

So, if you are rooting your device, you will have these major benifits

  • First of all you can remove/uninstall any app, whatever they are.
  • Extend your System memory, you can use your Memory Card as system memory, either a part of it, or full of your MMC
  • Live like the kings: Overclock your CPU and much more.
  • Do customization in the way you want, with mods, or custom ROMs.

If you need any help regarding rooting, feel free to add the same in comments.

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