Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Improve your windows security with SYSkey

Windows log on passwords are most used security mechanism by Windows user. But we all know that it can be easily cracked with different tools. Now there is an inbuilt alternative for this. Comparatively much more secure and tough to crack. The windows SYSkey.

To enable the SYSkey request at your windows boot, you can follow the simple procedure.

  • Hit CTRL+R to open RUN window
  • Type SYSKEY and hit Enter
  • User Account Control will prompt to allow or deny, Offcource you have to allow it.
  • A small new window will open. Click on update button.

  • In next window select to enter "Startup Password"
  • Enter the new password and repeat it to confirm.

  • Click ok, and reboot. Your system will ask for the manually set SYSkey during start-up. Type it and you can logon.

How to disable SYSkey in Windows 8 /Windows 7

  • To disable SYSkey, Open the SYSkey window, click on Update  button.
  • Select "System generated password"

  • Type the old SYSkey password set by you and Proceed. this will disable the syskey password in your PC.

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