Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How to configure and remote control your android device using PC

The androids may be a complex device for some people, or may be that you need to assist someone with some specific configuration / task on his android.
TeamViewer is already available Samsung Androids, but this trick will work for all ANdroid Devices. Most of us have used VNCs like "Real VNC". On this site we can get builds for several OS but not for android, but we can download the server for android from here

Real VNC Server for Android Download Link
Google Play Link

Just download if from above Mediafire link, install it on your android device which is already connected to your local network via Wi-Fi. After starting the VNC server on your device, you will get an IP address with a port number. Using this detail in your VNC viewer on your PC, you can easily take remote access of your android device.

NOTE: This system is going to work in Local networks only like in Office / Collage networks.If you want to take remote access of that android device from some remote area outside that local network, you can take remote access of that PC using some tool like TeamViewer or Ammy etc and indirectly access that android device.

So enjoy helping your friends with androids :)

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