Thursday, 25 April 2013

Free Memory in Android by Removing Useless apps / system files

This post is only for rooted android phones.
The androids come with a lot of factory installed apps and services that we are never going to use as a standard user. They eat up our system storage space and also some of them keep running in the background and waste the RAM space.
Offcource this post will help you to uninstall(here in this case "Remove") system apps that can not be uninstalled using app manager

Here is how to remove them. First of all we need an file explorer with Root Permissions. Here i am going to start with ES File Explorer
1.Install ES file explorer
2. Click to get the menu
3. Click on tools
4. Click on root Explorer
5. Select Mount R/W
6. Select RW for both, "/" and "/system"
Click OK

Now we have a file manager with root permissions. Now its time to remove the craps.

Click on the path displayed on the top of ES File Explorer
Select "/" over there.' By doing this, your explorer will switch to system memory.
Open System
Open Apps

And here are all the craps. Some may have different name from their original name, but you can identify them with their logo.

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