Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Virtual WiFi router / hotspot for windows 8

We all know that we can use our laptops / PC inbuilt modems to use them as Virtual WiFi router, may be to use it as a range extender or to use it as a network / internet sharing means.
Unfortunately most of the previous available tools stopped working on windows 8 that were working fine with windows 7. Here i am sharing a list of some new tools that work fine with windows 8 too. These are tested by me.

1. MyRouter (Virtual WiFi Router)
This is an awesome tool ans comes with a free version and has several great features with a user friendly interface.

Developer Homepage: http://myroutervwr.info
Codeplex Page Link: http://myrouter.codeplex.com/

2.Virtual Router Plus
This also works fine and is lightweight too. But reported support issues with some hardware.

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