Friday, 15 March 2013

How to install Team Viewer Free version on Windows Servers

Team viewer being one of the most reliable remote desktop sharing tool, comes in both free for personal use and also with a paid license for enterprises or business users.
We can easily install its free version on all windows versions if we are planning to use for non commercial purposes. But, in case of Windows server versions, it doesn't allows to install the free version, because it expects that a machine must be running windows server OS, only if the machine is being used for commercial or business purpose.
Well, in some cases, the IT persons may be using server OS for their personal use, so there is a trick for them about how to install Team Viewer free license on a server OS.

We all know that team viewer's same version need to installed on both machines for successful sharing. If one machine has older version of Team Viewer, the user is prompted to install the latest version. We are going to use this.
Actually we can not manually install its free version on server, so we will do a little trick
Just "run" an older version on your server machine and try to connect some other PC running the latest version of team viewer, when prompted for upgrade to latest version, continue with the install and you are done. Nothing else is needed. It will automatically install the latest version of  Team Viewer on your server machine with free license.

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