Wednesday, 20 March 2013

10 Must have apps for your Android Device

There are some apps that I think should be listed as the most important apps for a geek.

1. ES file explorer

This is an awesome file explore with lots of other big features like

  • Backup of installed apps and cross checking whether an app is backstopped or not or if there is an older version of backup
  • Supports read access of system folders on rooted phones
  • Memory Card manager
  • Multi-file cut-copy /paste

2. Battery meter

This is an nice light weight tool that displays battery level in percentage on taskbar, simple and best for the purpose.

3. SMS backup and restore

This tools helps to backup and restore your messages in simple backup and archive type backup formats. It also notifies you if you have not back upped your apps for long times.

4. ES task manager

There are several tools in the play store that are intended to free the RAM and stop background apps. But believe me, this tool with its awesome widget is the best among them. Also supports several features and another best part of this tool is its intelligent cache cleaner.

5. Opera mini
If you use internet on your mobile phone, you are familiar with opera mini. No need to tell about its fast speed and great page rendering. Must have it.

6. Font Installer

You are a geek, you love mobile computing, then why not change the main UI component, the system fonts? With this intelligent and reliable tool you can select from lots of awesome fonts, preview them and install them with a single click. This tools automatically backups the previous fonts.

7. WiFi explorer

We all need to sync or share some data between our PC and the phone. Mostly we rely on the USB cables or we may remove our memory card and put it to the PC. This is not the way that geeks should use. With WiFi explorer, you can share all your phone data with your PC with a single click. It starts in a single click. To use this app your phone and PC must be in the same network and your phone must connected to that network via WiFi.

8. Color Note

we all need to create notes, most of the phones come with this feature. But with this tool you can backup , restore and password protect your notes. Isn't this interesting?

9. Appy Geek

This is one of my favorites  You can read all the news about the latest apps and othr details via this app. This tool also uses the notification area effectively.

10. Poweramp

Why not entertainment? This music player has great options, effective effect controls and equalizer and noticeable interface.

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