Sunday, 27 January 2013

How to get advanced startup options in Windows 8

Unlike windows 7, there is no any F8 mode to start windows 8 in advanced mode, so we need to configure our Windows to start in advanced startup mode.
For advanced users, this option matters a lot, offcource this option gets flashed in case your Windows 8 fails to start or gets unusual shutdowns, but here we will discuss here to get to this option manually.

Here I'm discussing 2 methods.

I.Shift + Restart Method
By default,we need to
1.) Go to Charm bar (Win+I or Swiping from Right on Touch panels or Advanced touch pads) of Windows 8 to restart or shutdown it.

2.) There under power option, just clicking on Restart Button while holding shift, your windows will switch to advanced troubleshooting mode.

II.Via PC settings menu
Additionally you can also open the PC settings menu. For this,
1.) Open the PC settings menu, via start button or via the Charm bar (Win +I) and click on "Change PC settings in the bottom".

2.) Now in PC settings, under the General Tab, there is an option named "Advanced startup". There, click on restart and your PC will boot with advanced option available.

Options available there:-

Click on "Troubleshoot"

Now, "Advanced options", for all you needed.

Here, you have various advanced options like System Restore, the command prompt, automatic repair and the option to recover Windows 8 using previously created system image.

If you want to start Windows 8 in Safe mode, you can check it here

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