Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Boost your windows 7 and windows 8 speed by disabling useless services

In this post, i will list some windows services that can be disabled safely. Windows is a complex OS, provides lots of features and services. So for its functionality, it has a complex meshing of processes and services. Some start with the OS startup. Most of them are necessary for the functionality of the OS but some are useless for most of the users. may be they help to serve some other users.
Well I am listing some of them that can be safely stopped and more better to say , can be stopped from starting during system startup.
First how to locate and disable the services.

Step1. Open windows RUN. (Win + R)
Step2. Type there "msconfig.exe" without quotes.

a "System Configuration" window will open, select the "Service tab there."

Now i am listing some services that can be disabled safely without affecting your PC
  1.  Fax
  2. Windows Event log
  3. Smart Card
  4. Windows font cache service
  5. Office software protection platform
  6. Program compatibility assistant
  7. HomeGroup Provider
  8. Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
  9. Network Access Protection Agent
  10. Remote access connection manager
  11. Print spooler
  12. HomeGroup Listener
  13. Smart Card Removal Policy
  14. Offline Files
  15. Telephony
  16. IP Helper
  17. WWAn AutoConfig
  18. Parental Controls

Note: Disable these services on your own risk.
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