Thursday, 31 January 2013

How to install unsupported old drivers in windows 8

Windows 8 driver compatibility problem

It not been so long since Windows 8 was launched. Its new, all the developers and specially the driver Setups may not show support for Windows 8. Windows being smart enough to install drivers from its repository during the OS installation, but some may fail. And drivers are very much important, if not installed, the depending devices may not work or may work improperly. this post will also help you in installing our old driver packages in Window 8 or Windows 7 even if their installer doesn't supports your new OS. This trick works in most cases.

How to check your HDD health in no time (By free Tools)

Obviously Hard disks are one of the major part of our system, and their value multiplies when we have stored some very critical or highly precious or important data in our Hard disk, and most of us fall in this category.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Boost your windows 7 and windows 8 speed by disabling useless services

In this post, i will list some windows services that can be disabled safely. Windows is a complex OS, provides lots of features and services. So for its functionality, it has a complex meshing of processes and services. Some start with the OS startup. Most of them are necessary for the functionality of the OS but some are useless for most of the users. may be they help to serve some other users.

Problem in creating Bootable Windows 7 / Windows 8 pendrive using Windows 7 USB-dvd tool?

Sometimes creating a bootable pendrive using Windows 7 USB-DVD tool doesn't works for some pendrives and ends with an error. In some cases error comes just after the formatting step of Windows 7 USB-DVD tool,and in some cases after the file copying sequence. Also it may have worked before but does not works for now. The error comes or both Windows 7 and Windows 8, as the problem is with the pendrive and not the ISO images.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Using Comodo tools un-configured can stop you doing some things you can not live without...

Some of my friends asked me regarding their problem of running games and some other tools. Most of them were using comodo tools.

Comodo provides fine set of tools for PC security and their firewall is awesome. But playing games and some other software was not usual with comodo installed. The problem was the "Behavior Blocker" feature of Comodo tools. For security purpose comodo blocks suspected files by stopping them to run with full previlages, and that s why some games wont work. Offcource comodo prompts if it blocks something, but during Gaming, it switches itself to gaming mode and stops any notifications. 

So if facing such problem, you can disable Comodo's behavior blocking temporarily, or add your Game exe to the trusted files list of comodo.

How to get advanced startup options in Windows 8

Unlike windows 7, there is no any F8 mode to start windows 8 in advanced mode, so we need to configure our Windows to start in advanced startup mode.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Make Free LAN Video call without using internet (Over Wi-Fi or ethernet LAN)

This post is about making Video call or Video call conferences in our Local area network, with no internet connectivity required.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Windows 8 Shutdown problem with Avast - Does not shutdown properly!

Recently I noticed a problem with Windows 8, in some cases it didn't shut-downed properly and the screen kept displaying "shutting down" and the wait and wait, the same during the shutdown step of Windows 8 Restart. The only option that the user have in this case is the Hard Off, which in not safe in many aspects.