Thursday, 6 December 2012

Top-Rated Installer creators for developers (Freeware)

Searching for new softwares, today i came across some free software installer creators, and freeware too. i am listing only those that have very good rating by experts. these can be used to create installers or EXEs for various purposes from various sources or input files. These setup creators also support the easy distribution of developer's softwares.

1. CreateInstall Free 5.15.4

This is a freeware tool by . This tool comes in both trial and freeware versions.

CreateInstall Free 5.15.4
The main feature of this tool are..

  • Offers the option to create README file and also the LICENSE details for the user.
  • Supports the unpacking of additional needed files.
  • Option to add additional programs to start.
  • Option to save setting and other values to the Registry and/or to the .INI files.
  • User can manually set the destinations to create program shortcuts.
  • Useful to create and supports Uninstall tool
  • Has Visual Basic and DAO run-time files.
  • Support to Register ActiveX fonts and files.

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2. Inno Setup Compiler 5.5.2

This freeware tool is by This is an open source program and has much more additional features than any other software. These are on of the most successful installer creators for Java developers, .net developers or any other windows programming languages.

Its main features are..
  • Option to allow user to proceed for whether typical or Custom installation.
  • Option to create Standalone EXE for the installation of your program.
  • pascal scripting engine is already integrated.
  • Registry addition optiuosn for settings and other configuration related purposes.
  • Supports option to create silent installer and uninstaller.
  • option to create secure installs encrypted with passwords.
  • Option to select default location to place shortcuts.
  • Uninstaller is advance and leaves no traces or dump files in the system.
  • Also supports .INI files.

This software in open source and developed/hosted by

Additionally you can also try

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