Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How to use "System Restore" in Windows 8

This post is intended for those who are experiencing problem in searching for system restore option in windows 8 in Start menu search option, instead of opening that from the control panel.

Windows 8 doesn't gives the exact result when searching for "System Restore"
While searching for system restore you may get several other options. but  not the exact optiom to restore the system.

Well if you are facing this problem, then no need to worry, its as easy as it was in windows 7, but just a singe step more.

Search the same, that you usually serach for restoring your system, ie "System restore".

Now as usual, to get results from control panel items, you need to click on "Settings" tab.

Now in results, click on "Create a restore point". You will see the old System restore window.

now click on "System restore" and follow as in previous versions.
Wait for the "System restore" to open and Click on next.

Now select your preferred restore point and Click net and that's all.

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