Sunday, 16 December 2012

Get back the old "Manage Wireless Networks" option in windows 8

This post will help you about How to set Wi-fi network's priority in Windows 8.
There was an option "Manage Wireless Networks" option in older version of windows before Windows 8, but it disappeared in windows 8 with the new connectivity interface.

Well we can get this back with a small tool "Wifi profile manager"- a freeware application available on "".

With this tool ,you can do almost all the configurations that were possible with "Manage Wireless Networks" windows in Windows seven.

The available options are:-
.Make default selected network
.Move selected network up
.Move selected network down in the list.

Below are some screenshots of the running app.

And the properties windows for the selected network.
You can get this windows by right click on any selected network and select "Properties."

Manage wireless networks in Windows 8

With this tool you can easily set the priority of available and used wireless networks in Windows 8.
Developer Download  Page :