Saturday, 10 November 2012

Anti Twin - Remove duplicate files from your computer and free disk space

Emptying your Recycle Bin and clearing away temporary files are a good first step in cleaning up your system, but there’s another type of hard drive clutter which is a little less obvious: duplicate files. You should scan for duplicate files and remove them as soon as possible if you haven't created then intentionally. These can consume a surprising amount of hard drive space, but fortunately tools like Anti-Twin make it easy to detect and delete them.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Microsoft .net Framework 4.5 direct Download Link

.net 4.5 Direct Download Link

My Daily Wallpaper - Change Your Desktop Wallpaper Automatically at preset-Interval- Freeware Tool

Automatically set new desktop wallpaper
My Daily Wallpaper is a free tool which facilating you to change your wallpaper automatically, or may be as per your custom settings.

Types 2.1.0 Mange Your Windows File Associations

This tool can help you to manage file associations and even the context menu for Windows 7 / 8.

Startup Delayer (Freeware)

Delay your windows autostart apps such that your OS boots faster and the Startup items can be loaded later when the OS boot has been completed.