Monday, 29 October 2012

Solutu - Delay the Startup of Windows auto-start apps

The most frustrating time is when we are waiting for windows to start completely. System takes much more boot time that usually it should. This may be due to several reasons. May be because of your disk's fragmentation level, because of your registry settings, or the most possible reason- Due to the start-up apps that start themselves when windows starts. These start-up items may or may not be useful, some may be very useful and some as useless as those updater for browser add-ons.
Although we can easily turn off auto starts of most apps but some are very useful to us and we need them to be auto started. So there is a solution for them too. If we cant afford to turn off their auto-start  then we can delay their auto start. This is probably the best solution in most cases.

For all these, there is a tool "Soluto". This tools uses the term Frustration to our reaction for slow start-up  This tool can help us manage all the start-up apps, turn off them, measure their start-up time, delay their start-up and several other tasks like lightening the web browser by disabling the unnecessary add-ons and extensions.
This too provides two interfaces
1.The web interface via their website.
2.The desktop app with awesome GUI.

Download and run the app and comment if you have any problem handling this.
Thuis tools interface may be irritation if you are not habitual to such interfaces, you can try this alternative tool here. This one less comples and easy to operate even by newbies.

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