Sunday, 28 October 2012

ExtractNow - All in One Drag and Drop Archive Extractor

ExtractNow is multi-format file extractor. It can uncompress and extract contents of almost all common archives.

In simpler words it is "All IN One" archive extractor.

Various supported formats are 
 zip (+jar,xpi), bzip2 (+bz2,tbz2,tbz), rar, arj, z, lzh (+lha), 7z, cab, nsis, lzma, lzma86, xz (+txz), ppmd, udf, xar, mub, hfs, dmg, compound (+msi,doc,xls,ppt), wim (+swm), iso, chm (+chm,chi,chq,chw,hxs,hxi,hxr,hxq,hxw,lit), split (+001), rpm, deb, cpio, tar, gzip (+gz,gzip,tgz,tpz), mslz, flv, swf, ntfs (+ntfs,img), fat (+fat,img), mbr, vhd, pe, elf, apm, macho, ace and sit.

I think the list covered all the formats :P.
Main Features of the program are:

  • Supports most major archive formats
  • Drag and drop files or folders from Windows Explorer to extract them
  • Simple user interface and sleek design in a small package
  • Support for advanced customizations through the use of Lua scripting
  • Search through folders recursively for archives
  • Use password lists to find the correct password for an archive
  • Ability to control what happens after extraction
  • Monitor directories for archives and automatically extract them
  • Simple and intuitive user interface for batch archive extractions
  • Recursively search through folders for archives (Just drag and drop them)
  • Delete files or close program after extraction options
  • Windows explorer file associations for all supported archive types
  • Extract files into current directory, named folder, or favourite folder of choice
  • System tray icon on Minimize and Always on top features
  • Integrates with Windows Explorer via special context menu items
  • Supports most major archive formats
  • Windows Explorer integration through file type associations and context menus
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