Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Clover 2 – Wings for your Windows Explorer! Add tabs to windows explorer

Clover 2 is a freeware tool to add option and fully mod windows explorer to make it support addition of new tabs like in web browsers, exactly as in Google chrome.This a a bug free application and is safe for system, nothing like system lagging or crashes.

After installation, this tool quickly integrates with the system and needs no reboot. As the installation completes, it opens Windows explorer and this time with a plus option to add tabs in windows explorer.

Its awesome modding for professionals as well as average users and also supports bookmarking of folder as similar to bookmarks in Google Chrome.
Clover 2 is an awesome tool, increasing productivity of professionals.
This tool is solution about how to open multiple tabs in windows explorer.
Alternatively you can also try QTTab Bar