Sunday, 18 March 2012

How To Create a virtual router using your Laptop

Sometimes we need  something like a wifi router to share a connection or to interconnect two computers so that we can use this connection to share files or may be the need of sharing any existing internet connection or may be we need to extend any wireless connection.

Fortunately it is possible and very easy to use your Windows 7 laptop for creating a virtual hotspot or a virtual router. just download software from the link below, install itr, selectthe connectin you wish to share and select the modem over which you want to share, and click start.

Download From Here
Need more features? Try Connectify

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Google Voice And Video ChatOffline Standalone Installer

Google voice and video chat service is easy to use browser integratable service to talk to anyone free of cost who is using google, but to use it we need to install its plugin, which is a web installer.
Although there are no issues for most of users, but wont work in some cases, for example in networks where direct access to executables is not allowed. For such cases the standalone offline installer works the best.

Turbo C for Windows Seven 64Bit

Turbo C is the best professional compiler for C and C++ till date. Its Integrated Developer Environment has a nice debugger with a better error window as rarely seen in any C or C++ compilers, but after release of windows seven, use of 64bit OS has multiplied and this 16bit programm was no more compatible with windows seven x64 and poorly worked on 32bit windows seven.

But experts got the way to run it using DOS-BOX, but what if a single installs and configures the DOS-BOX and TC in single click? Yes its true, just download from the link below, its Turbo C installer with embedded dos box and runs smoothly on win 7 32bit and 64bit.

Sunday, 4 March 2012