Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ultra Defrag (Defragment Drive During Booting Of Your System)

  • system files defragmentation (registry, paging-file, .)
  • ultra fast NTFS analysis supported.
  • ability to automatically break defragmentation when the specified time interval gets elapsed.
  • fast defragmentation algorithm used.
  • executes powerful command line interface.
  • ability to make an auto-defragmentation through the Windows Task Scheduler.
  • ability to exclude any unimportant files based on flexible filters
  • ability to select multiple volumes for defragmentation
  • effective volume optimization algorithm
  • safety, it can never damage processed files
  • simplicity, it can be used without reading the documentation
  • ability to defragment single files/directories from the context menu of Explorer
  • ability to defragment additional streams attached to NTFS files
  • ability to defragment files, which have more fragments than specified by a threshold
  • well readable HTML reports
  • ability to automatically hibernate/shutdown PC after a job is done
  • native 64-bit support
  • multilingual graphical interface
  • little binaries (less than 500 kb)
  • portable version available which requires no installation

Supported file-systems

FAT12/16/32, NTFS; UDF (on Vista ,7 and later Windows Based systems).