Friday, 15 July 2011

What is new in Google Plus

Google launched its new social networking startup called Google plus (currently in alpha phase), its a well designed social networking website. It is the third attempt by google in social networking. But is it gonna beat the facebook and change the trend of hitting "like" on anything???

It is a group video chatting service which can be used to hangout in circles. We can also do the same with skype but its nice on Google+.

Circle is a feature used to share the status to a specific group or specific person. This is same as Facebook’s list feature, but it more similar to the aspects of diaspora.

It is the regular news feed which is similar in all social networking websites. As like facebook, buzz etc we can comment, reshare, +1 (similar to like in facebook)

Sparks is a recommendation engines that help us to find the articles, photos, video’s, in a specific niche. This google plus feature uses an algorithm which gives high importance on google plus one button

Currently Google is working on the development games. They have signed the contract with the biggest game developers from zynga. So i hope we can play them at the time of public launch of google plus.
In total Google plus is a well designed social network, they are utilized the HTML5, lets hope the solid structure of google plus is  become the the best factor of this facebook killer.

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