Friday, 15 July 2011

USB Thief

USB Thief is a simple program which makes your standard USB stick a spying USB stick, if you plug it into someone's PC, it will extract all the passwords and other critical data from it. This improved version steals ALL of the following information:

Installed Windows Updates List
Mozilla Cache List
Internet Explorer Passwords List
Instant Messengers Accounts List Cookies ListMoziilla History List
Instant Messengers Accounts List

Search Queries List
Protected Storage Passwords List
Video Cache List

Adapters Report
Network Passwords List
TCP/UDP Ports List
Product Key List
PST Passwords List
Startup Programs List
Visited Links List
Internet Explorer Cache List

Note:- This version of USB Thief can be put on your USB, even if you 
 have some files on it.

Usase And Installation Instructions:-

1). Extract "USBThief" fro RAR file on your PC.
2). Open folder "USBThief",  open the folder "COPY" and copy everything in that folder.
3). Plug in your USB and paste everything in it.
4). Now, on your USB, run the file with name "hideh.bat" or "hideh"...
    This will make all the USB Thief files invisible on the USB.
5). Delete the "hideh.bat" file from your USB.
6).Take the USB out, go to the computer you want to steal information from, plug the USB in any of the USB ports.
7). After 5 seconds all the information will be transferred and stored on the USB invisibly.
8). Take the USB out, go to your original PC, plug the USB in and go to the folder in your COMPUTER called     "USBThief", right click the "showh.bat" or "showh", copy it and paste it on your USB.
9). Run the "showh.bat" on your USB and you will notice that all the invisible files will now be visible.
10). Open the folder "BIPLAB" and you will find all the important information from the other PC stored there.