Monday, 11 July 2011

How To Invite Your Friends To Google plus

While you are enjoying it, your Facebook friends are up your “some part of body”  to get the invite from you and you virtually have no clues how to do that. Here is what I suggest.
Get all the E-Mail address (you want to invite on Google+) in your Gmail contacts. You can do the same with Facebook as well. Get all your Facebook contacts in CSV format. No clues what I am saying? Learn It Here!

Now when you have all the E-Mails in your Gmail contacts list you are ready to take off.

  1. Login in to the Google plus.
  2. Go to circles.
  3. Click on Find and Invite.
  4. Click on "People In your circle".
  5. Select "Add a New Person".
  6. Enter the E-mail address of the person in textbox.
  7. Now select a circle for that person.
  8. Enter Name If Required.
  9. Click "Save".
  10. In The bottom of your  browser u will get a notification saying "Invite <Name of person> to Google+".
  11. Selecting it will give you a new flash window, select INVITE.
  12. Now press finished and you have done .
  13. The person will be invited to the Google plus by you and can use it.