Wednesday, 20 July 2011

How to Backup Your Data in case Your OS gets crashed (windows / linux) and the system drive becomes inaccessible

Most of us generally save our frequent data on the desktop or in documents folder in Windows instead of placing these to some other partition / drive of our system.
It is a very tough time when our system crashes and computer fails to restart due to some error or some virus attack or several other reasons and becomes inaccessible .
As the final solution for most of us, we just format the system drive (mostly the c: drive) and re-install windows /linux whatever. But we loose all our data that was stored in system drive, it may be documents, desktop content or some downloads...

In such any case, booting the system with some live CD/DVD/flash drive certainly helps. Live OS are the operating systems installed over some other media (CD,DVD,Pen Drives etc.). Booting the system from Live OS makes all the drives (hard disks) accessible including your OS drive -the c: drive. This makes it possible to copy the important data to some other place (on external hard disk etc.) and all the important data being safe.

The preffered Live OS disks are:-

1.Ubuntu Installation Disk (Download)

    Just download it, write it to a disc and boot it (select the option "Try Ubuntu Without Installing")

2.) Hiren's Boot CD  (Download)
     Same to do here.  Just download the file...write the "Hiren's Boot CD xx.xx .iso" to a blank disc.boot it and select mini XP.

If any problem, feel free to post a comment here.