Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Best Antivirus / PC Security Tool (Firewall / Internet Security Tool / Anti-Spyware etc.)

In our daily life, there is a very popular saying


It also suites while we are talking about PC security solutions.
I have been using PC not for a very long time for last 5-6 years i had been understood and faced VIRUSes and other security threats. So, i had also tested almost all major security tools and the major reason to swich from one to another was the same as usual.....One  made me unsatisfied and the other scanned some infection.

So a security solution can scan a threat only if the threat definition has been added to its database. I know several infections which are not recognized by AVs like Norton or Quick Heal but some other non-popular AVs have recognise them and cleaned them.

Thus the best solution is to
Monitor your PC yourself.
I'm not saying you to be without any Antivirus on your PC, but  giving the complete solution for your Self-Satisfaction. Monitoring Your PC means to keep eye on your PC's running processes.

The computers processes can be categorized into two groups..
1. The first are the windows system processes to run your OS and its services
2. The second one are the user's initiated(started)

We will discuss here about the user's initiated processes. These all run in the "Windows Explorer" the "explorer.exe". All the folders we open, programs we run, games we play run under this EXPLORER.exe process. Lets Have a screenshot to understand it clearly

Click On Image to See it Full Sized

We will talk here about the processes under "Explorer.exe"
Well below the 'Company Name' tab the company names of various vendors are given.

All the processes under "Explorer.exe" are with general names which helps us to recognise which process belongs to what Application/Software in our system.

I discused this all for the theme issue that
All The Viruses And Other Unwanted Threats Run Under "Explorer.exe"  as they are user initiated and not a part of OS.

The next isssue is to distinguish beetween the Infections/Unwanted processes and the normal/regular processes. For this, TWO Things should kept in mind

  1. Infections(viruses/trojens etc.) do not do not have any company names. So any process running if does not have any company name,it may be some unwanted infection.
      2. Process Explorer itself is an intelligent tool, it recognises most of the infections on the basis of their                                             Behaviour With System, and highlights those processes with a red bar.

Note: You can also check for any process online on google by just a right click on that process and selecting 'search online' option.
Now the final step is to remove that infection.
For this,follow the following steps
  1. Right click on that process and select properties.
  2. Go to the location of that process.
  3. Now again right click on that process and select "Kill Process Tree"
  4. Now if you are sure that it was the infection that was the reason for problem in your system,delete that process's exe file fro the location you have got from step 1 and 2.