Thursday, 16 June 2011

AOMEI Partition Tool

The Best Partition Tool

Do you need to resize your hard disk partition sizes.....but not doing so to avoid the formatting of your hard disk?

Don't worry, now you can resize your partitions without formatting. 

Windows 7 also provides flexibility to resize Hard Disk Partitions (Disk Manager) but you can not shrink a drive beyond the sectors where even a single file fragment exists.

With this tool, you can resize your partitions as u wish.   Just open this application, select the drive to resize, move the horizontal sliders and click apply.

Special Features

Repartition Hard Drive

Create, Delete, Format partition

Convert File System, Check Partition

Label partition, Change drive letter

Explore Disk and Partition Properties

Resize/Move, Extend/Shrink partition

Built-in Extend Partition Wizard

Merge partitions and Split partition

Hide/Unhide, Set Active Partition

Wipe hard drive and partition, Disk Surface Test

Clone or Copy Disk

Clone or Copy Partition

Note:-   Windows 7 is not made for more than 3/4 partitions (excluding the system reserved partition). If u have any problem is resizing, reduce your number of partitions to a maximum of 4.