Saturday, 11 June 2011

Antivirus Softwares

Top 10   Antivirus  of 2012

Today Computers have became vulnerable to many security threats.Be it in your home or at workplace it’s very important to have a good antivirus solution on your PC to prevent any loss of important data,documents and information due to virus attacks.Getting an Antivirus is not a big task because there are many antivirus Solutions available today but choosing the right one is all that matters. When I say “choosing the right one “ I mean an antivirus solution that uses fewer resources, has frequent updates to virus definitions,Good Technical Support,and most importantly has an  easy to use interface.

There are also Internet Security Suites which are more powerful than an Antivirus.Internet Security Suites are not a single application that prevents you from viruses but consists of various other features like Firewall,E-mail protection,Anti-Spware and anti-malware and of course they are more expensive than an Antivirus solution and uses more resources giving the possibility of slowing down your PC if it’s not rich on hardware side, especially RAM.Generally most of the vendors which provide an Antivirus Solution also comes with an Internet Security Suite.Depending on sensitivity of data present on your PC you need to choose either an Antivirus or Internet Security Suite or a combination of both.If you do a lot of online bank transactions involving large sum of money you should prefer a Security Suite otherwise for normal browsing an Antivirus solution will be fine for you.Today we are going to list some o f the best Antivirus providers that can keep your Computer safe.

Note:- Antivirus and security companies provide more than one security tools for different levels of security and need of the consumers. Some also provide free tools like AVIRA Personal, Avg Free, Avast etc. These are sufficient to secure the average users.

1.BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011:

BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 makes first into our list of top 10 antivirus due to its intelligent proactive detection against the latest viruses and spyware.The main feature that Bitdefender scores over other Antivirus Solutions is its brilliant Heuristic Analysis .Heuristics refers to proactive virus blocking that is possible with behavioral analysis,file emulation and generic signature detection.On an average the bitdefender virus definitions are updated  for every one hour.Bitdefender also has an impressive user interface like basic view ,intermediate view and expert  view .Bitdefender also has game mode,silent mode to provide a good experience for gamers.The only limitation we found with Bitdefender is it uses comparatively more resources than its rivals but it doesn’t seem to be an issue for the latest systems.The scanning is very powerful and effective. Bitdefender costs $29.99 for 1PC,$39.99 for 3PC’s and $59.99 for 5 PC’s.lets move on with the next top antivirus 2011

 2.Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 :

Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 bags second place in our review of top 10 antivirus 2011 for its brilliant real-time automated protection from a range of IT threats.Kaspersky is a well-known antivirus provider over the years and continues to give high-class products.It got good Heuristics-based analysis ,nice protection against all types of malware,viruses,worms,trojans and spyware .In Comparison with Bitdefender,we found that it uses fewer resources for background scanning that would be a thing to consider if you are using older systems.For systems with above 1Gb of RAM and 1.5GHz processor speed you wont find much difference between the two products when it comes to background scanning and both work very smoothly.One important feature that is worth mentioning of Kaspersky is its impressive Rescue-CD for system restoration after malware attacks.It  also has good virus definition updates,nice user interface and a scan network feature that involves the software manufacturer gathering anonymous information about your system in order to benefit everyone. If a virus is found on your computer, they it can quickly find the cause and update definitions for all users.Kaspersky is costlier than bitdefender ( which is one of the reasons why we ranked it below bitdefender) at a price of $39.95 for 1PC,$59.95 for 3 PC’s,$99.95 for 5 PC’s.

 3.Avira AntiVir Premium:

Avira Antivir Premium comes with new technologies this year. The Advanced Heuristics Analysis and Detection (AHeAD) technology detects even unknown viruses by their profiles but most of the time it disappoints us by giving false positives.It also comes with a new automatic Generic Repair technology which is quite good.The AntiRootkit,MailGuard,WebGuard,Rescue System,AntiSpyware are very much improved in this new version.The installation is the fastest of all the antivirus that we have tested.The user interface also is very pleasing .You don’t need to monitor it every time Avira operates on its own that pleases beginners very much.There are still some missing features like gaming mode,rollback but overall Avira done a good job than its previous products and is very much recommended antivirus solution for beginners. It is also comparatively less costly and comes at a price of $26.95 for 1 PC.

 4.Norton Antivirus 2011:

Norton Antivirus 2011 gave good results than its predecessors .It can really scan very fast,updates very frequently,uses fewer resources and does good background scanning. Norton Reputation Service instantly checks where files came from and how long they’ve been around to identify and stop new crimeware faster than bitdefender,kaspersky.The scanning is blazing fast than its counterparts.The bootable recovery tool,good technical support,nice interface are the key areas where Norton has improved over years.Virus definition updates is very good when for Norton .It is one of the areas where Norton has improved significantly.Updates are almost delivered for every 15 minutes giving you uptodate information .But we still find some bad results that makes it ranked 3, below bitdefender and kaspersky.One of them is detection of keyloggers.A keylogger is a virus designed to track and monitor user keystrokes, often used to steal passwords, credit card numbers, etc.The detection of keyloggers is very disappointing than bitdefender and kaspersky.The other thing is P2P/File sharing protection.It is found less impressive in protecting malicious files downloaded and/or accessed from peer-to-peer file sharing programs.Apart from these limitation Norton Antivirus is good product having the fast scanning,and very good interface as its core strength.It comes at a price of $39.99 for 1 PC and deserves a place in the list of top 10 antivirus of 2011.

5.VIPRE antivirus 2011:

VIPRE though new, are doing a good job.VIPRE  along with antivirus and antispyware solutions provides some other interesting features. VIPRE Antivirus runs seamlessly without significantly impairing system performance and gives very good user experience not giving any unnecessary popups and notifications.The updates are  also frequently done, on an average it updates for every 1.5 hours.The only thing we found a bit disturbing with VIPRE is we have to restart after install but I guess it’s not such a big issue. Overall VIPRE is competing with its rivals at a very fast pace and provides a good package which made us bound to tag it as one of the best antivirus of 2011.Vipre antivirus is priced at $29.95 for 1 PC 

 6.Webroot Antivirus 2011 :

Webroot Antivirus 2011 comes at 4th place in our review. It got an easy interface to work with,provides good virus definition updates frequently,and also uses less resources and does the job smoothly.The main strength  of Webroots Antivirus is it comes with its award winning Spy Sweeper Antispyware protection that makes it a best combination of Antivirus and AntiSpyware.The Scanning is reasonably good and protection levels are very high but it still has some missing features .Webroot still doesn’t come with a laptop mode and a link scanner that are quite useful features nowadays.Overall as we said it’s a nice product to have which gives us  the best combination of antispyware and antivirus in single package and the price is also reasonable.Webroot Antivirus comes at $39.95 for 1 PC.$49.95for 3 PC’s,$69.95 for 5 PC’s

 7.ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4:

ESET has very much improved over the years and still maintains its reputation it got of its Security Suite.The Main Feature that ESET continues to have is less usage of resources.It performs real-time scanning,updating frequently and every tasks in background so smoothly and efficiently that you wonder whether there is really an antivirus in your system.

Apart from that ESET got all its features like e-Mail scanning,Sys inspector,Sys Rescue,SelfDefense in a more improved manner.It cleans the internet traffic  and email in a very effective manner even when they are SSL-encrypted.The User interface is good but nothing great.It got also impressive scanning techniques for removable devices.Updates are good and does it frequently on an average for 1 hour.We are surprised to see ESET still doesn’t provide IM(Instant Messenger) Protection and Anti-Phishing that restricts it becoming a complete antivirus solution.Overall it got all the main things like Heuristics,diagnosing tools,System Rescue tools covered and is a perfect one for Home Users.It comes at a price of $39.99 for 1 PC.

 8.Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ 2011:

We are a little bit disappointed with the Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+  as we expected it to be in top 5  this time but it still provides a good balance of protection and usability. It still needs to get some new features implemented to keep up with its rivals. One of the new features that it comes with is cloud-based security. To improve resource usage it does all the security processes online so you don’t have to waste much of your hard disk space. It does a very reasonable job with its cloud based security but still misses out some important features that you can find in other antivirus solutions like PC Maintenance and  Monitoring Tools, Bot protection, 

 9.AVG Antivirus 2011:

AVG continues to deliver good products and its latest antivirus solution is loaded with some new features. AVG antivirus 2011 now offers link scanner and social networking Protection in a powerful way.As we all know AVG continues to be the leader when it comes to free version of Antivirus but the full version is  reall worthy if you are serious about your security.AVG user interface is really good and now it includes a One-scan and One-fix button that pleases beginners and expert users alike.It also comes with a PC system optimizer utility which we see rarely in an antivirus package.The system optimizer locates registry errors, junk files, disk errors and broken shortcuts.Link Scanning is now provided only by few companies like Bitdefender,Norton and Kaspersky.Now AVG also joins the group by providing a smartly implemented link scanner. LinkScanner gives small colored security icons for every search result from Google, Yahoo or Bing.Green refers that website is safe ,red refers that it is bad and orange tells the user to approach with caution.AVG now also provides social network protection that scans realtime for any link shared on Facebook or Myspace.The limitations are  that the scanning  engine is not that fast when compared to its rivals and also sometimes it overprotects giving false positives.It comes at a price of $34.99 for 1 PC.

10.G-Data Antvirus 2011:

G-data Antivirus Software always provides good protection in a simple way and it does it this time also.The Interface and navigation is a pleasant experience to anyone.This new version actually got improvements from its previous releases which is good to see and we can expect some nice features in future . G Data AntiVirus now  has  security by providing two separate scanning engines, heuristics and also self-learning fingerprinting.It still misses out some features like gaming mode,link scanner etc.The double scan technology is very impressive and doesn’t slow on your PC and it provides good protection levels.Overall it a nice simple product that most beginners would love to use.It comes at a price of $29.95 for 1 PC