Sunday, 29 May 2011

Free Website Traffic

How to get free website traffic 1,000-2,000 uniques daily


What is an autosurf site?

Autosurf websites are sites that exchange website traffic through an automated browser that surfs through various autosurf member’s websites.  Now one member doing an autosurf can view about roughly 100-200 websites in one hour depending on how fast the timer is set.  This will give them the “credits” for website traffic to their own sites.

So lets take a example :

Step 1

Web user A –> autosurfs –> visits 200 websites automated –> receives 100 credits

Step 2

Web user A –> transfers 200 credits to use on his website –> Web user B surfs Web user A’s website

Step 3

Web user B –> Back to Step 1

It’s a continous ring of website visits in which you WILL get the unique hits that you ‘paid’ for.
Now how can this help you as a blackhat marketer?  We can use these autosurf websites to increase our website visits, water down our CPA offers, or even sell them through our own little traffic exchange network.

Now what we will do is set this up so that we have multiple autosurf websites surfing at the same time.  What you would want to do is to sign up with the top autosurf websites on the internet that gives out the most traffic.  Here’s a list of some of the autosurf websites through which you can sign up to and get some free ‘junk’ traffic to. – french traffic – german traffic
    http://autohits.dk – german traffic – german traffic

So to recap i meant to say :

1. sign up to as many autosurf websites as is possible

2. Insert your website link to exchange autosurf credits with each website you sign up with

3. run multiple autosurf websites on your computer

4. upscale, upscale and upscale!

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